TUDA has an ambitious dream of creating schools for everyone in this world. Regardless of being a professional or non-professional, users can learn and teach passionately based on one's own knowledge and experience, anywhere and and any time. Also, we will establish the largest education community based on blockchain for all content producers, who can monetize their information and receive copyright protection. Ultimately, the best policies and educational contents will be rigorously verified to provide the best educational experience to our users. To fulfill such dream, TUDA will begin its journey in South Korea, one of the educational meccas of the world.

Tutor's Diary

Issues with the Current Educational System

The current education system has many issues ranging from the size of the class, the location of the school, the quality of education, funding, home environment, etc. After analyzing such various issues, TUDA has decided to focus on three key topics:

  • Centralized Education System - Education is limited to where the student lives with a focus on mass education, which is typically managed by the government.
  • Quality of Education - It is difficult to assess the quality of education and transparency on the quality of education is low.
  • Fragmented Education Ecosystem - Difficult to assess the quality of education service and cost continues to rise while the quality remains unchanged.

Education is confined to the country the students live in and students will invest in private education the more they do not agree with the existing educational policies. Current educational policies are centralized by the governments, which makes it even more difficult to provide educational services customized for a student.

Blockchain-based Incentivized & Integrated Educational Service

In the era of accessibility, transparency, and safety, TUDA will gradually solve the chronic issues with the current education system through the decentralized method based on blockchain technology. Everything in education system today is centralized and the expansion of education services are difficult as costs rise from scale, while improving the quality of service is difficult. TUDA will combine the fragmented education environment with a goal to produce a blockchain-based protocol that will contribute in solving the issues with the education system we see today. It will be applied to fields as follows:

  • TUDA will apply a secure and fast transaction system and also implement a rational profit distribution scheme. This will be done by distributing copyrighted contents (curriculum, textbook feedback, course video, problem workbook, image, text, column, etc.) produced by each CP (Content Producer) through a decentralized method, using end to end blockchain technology.
  • TUDA will be designed with high-level security and will be developed based on blockchain technology. Through blockchain technology, TUDA aims to verify the current accreditation status (class completion/graduation, student ID, certificates, etc.) of each individual. All relevant data will be checked in a short period of time and forgery will not be possible.
  • TUDA will allow transactions of individuals' valuable contents freely and such transactions will be transparent as well as having almost no distribution charges.


Integrating an interactive community of teachers, parents and students in an effective decentralized ecosystem

  • Teachers

    A platform to communicate with other stakeholders as well as allow them to monetize their intellectual contents

  • Parents

    TUDA will focus on making relationship between the teacher, parent, and student, as well as the progress of the student transparent, enabling parents to make a better decisions into the education of the student

  • Students

    Utilizing a combination of blockchain technology and SMT's protocol with in-house big data systems to provide smart recommendations for the student

TUDA Platform

New Tutor's Diary

TUDA aims to first be the best community of teachers in the world. The beta version has already been released on the Android platform via the Google Play Store. TUDA will provide all of the tools needed by a teacher in one handy mobile application, from calendar/class management, student management, curriculum management, tuition management, etc. In the future, SMT's protocol will be added, as well as an added focus to further verify our teachers, a problem set marketplace, a tuition collection tool, etc. to make sure that TUDA is the only app needed for our teachers on the go.

A Crowd-Sourced Problem Solving

Once our community of teachers become more robust, the TUDA team will add a crowd-based problem solving feature, enabling students to ask any questions at any time. Our teachers will provide instantaneous solutions for these students. Using the TUDA platform, these solutions will then be processed with the SMT-incentivized platform to verify the solution that the teacher provided. Participants will receive TUDA tokens, that will be utilized in our TUDA ecosystem to purchase materials, classes, or be sent to an exchange.

TUDA will use internal big-data solutions to create an AI chatbot that will communicate with teachers, students, and parents, as well as provide a recommendation engine for the problems that have arisen.

My Little Class

Once our crowd-based problem solving platform has been through millions of cycles, the TUDA will release an MCN & VOD-based online classes for our students. This functionality will only be available for TUDA teachers that have been verified through our problem solving platform to ensure that our students receive instruction from verified teachers.

Students will have the option to participate in live classes with the MCN classes, or utilize a series of past classes on our VOD network.

My Little School

TUDA will become the first international educational platform that allows anyone with access to a mobile phone and internet to receive a quality education. Once our goal to become the best online tool in education succeeds, TUDA will also build offline schools to cater to students. Building this offline portion is crucial as students will need a sense of community that is highly unlikely with a pure online-based education.

Imagine a school where students gather to receive an education. A school where there are no teachers, but counselors, who are there to guide the students towards a customized curriculum. A school where each student learns at their own pace.


  • Acceptable Currencies

    Ethereum (ETH)

  • Number of Total Tokens Generated

    600,000,000 TUDA

  • Number of Tokens for Sale

    300,000,000 TUDA

  • Token Exchange Rate

    1 TUDA = 0.10 USD

  • Investment Cap

    Min: 0.1 ETH
    Max: 1000ETH *






  • Jay (Jaehyun) Choi
    Chief Executive Officer
    Founder of REMCO Partners, a blockchain research & investment firm. Jay has over 10 years of start-up/enterprise experience along with years of SAT tutoring experience
    Educated at Purdue University
  • Sungmin Song
    Chief Financial Officer
    Over 8 years of experience as an accountant with KMPG
    Educated at Purdue University & a certified AICPA accountant
  • Jay Yoon
    Chief Technology Officer
    Jay is an online service development expert with more than 17 years of experience as a programmer and technical Leader at GomTV, AfreecaTV, Ticketmonster, and STUnitas. Jay is an expert with the JAVA & PHP languages, and has experience with Ruby/Scala while developing various online services. His database knowledge consists of MySQL/NoSQL, big data knowledge with Hadoop, data analysis knowledge with GA/BigQuery, and blockchain knowledge with Solidity/Truffle. In particular, Jay has strengths in large data mining and big data analysis, service structure design, and prototype creation. Thus, Jay is ultimately responsible for developmental code and design within the TUDA ecosystem.
  • Jason Nha
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Jason is a service expert with 20+ years experience in business planning, service strategy, service management, and infrastructure planning for B2B / B2C online services. In particular, with a wealth of knowledge and excellent practical experience in various content service platform of online education services, Jason is now striving to deliver TUDA by focusing on a streamlined customer experience, based on accumulated user data. Jason has prior work experience at AfreecaTV, Ticketmonster and STUnitas, which are famous internet service companies in South Korea.
  • Dylan Han
    Business Developer
    Extensive research experience on various blockchain projects as a senior analyst at REMCO Partners. With his knowledge and network in the blockchain industry, Dylan plans to seek growth opportunities for TUDA platform.
    Educated at the University of Waterloo
  • Jin Hur
    Blockchain Engineer
    10 years of software development experience as the CTO of SNS Energy & ideecrowd, and also worked as a software engineer at LG CNS. Jin has years of experience as a tutor for software coding.
    Educated at Purdue University


  • Christopher Cynn
    TUDA Platform Services Advisor
    Co-founder of Ticketmonster Inc. and Althea Inc., bringing in successful experience of creating billions of dollars in corporate valuations and managing large ventures. Chris also has experience over 10+ years of tutoring, utilizing his know-how to formulate necessary functions within the TUDA platform.
    Educated at University of Pennsylvania
  • Yohan John Kim
    Blockchain Adviser
    Founder of NE Partners and LP of Pantera Capital, a top blockchain fund. A serial entrepreneur and former venture capitalist, his knowledge and expertise combining blockchain technology with startups will guide the team with the ebbs and flows of the project.
    Educated at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • Chanki Lee
    Blockchain Adviser
    CEO at DAYLI Marketplace (Executive Board Member at DAYLI Financial Group, which owns Coinone, a global top 50 cryptocurrency exchange). Relationships with successful ICO’s such as ICON and Insureum.
    Educated at Pohang University of Science and Technology
  • John(Chikeun) Lee
    Investment Adviser
    Venture Capitalist in Formation group (Investor of DAYLI Financial Group).
    Educated at University of Waterloo
  • Kevin Park
    Legal Adviser
    A US lawyer with extensive experience in startups (co-founder of Eonetime). His international legal knowledge will guide the platform expand globally.
    Educated at George Washington University (J.D with Honors, passing the bar in NY)
  • Dr. James Won-ki Hong
    Educational Adviser
    Dean of Graduate School for Information Technology and Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH).
    HBSc and MSc degrees in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario, Canada and a Ph.D degree in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo
  • Robert Iskander
    Educational Adviser
    Listed as one of the Top 100 EdTech Influencers in 2017 by EdTech Digest Magazine, Robert is a Serial Entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience in Information Technology, strategic planning and innovation. He is a global business leader passionate about leveraging technology to improve the quality of life for all, with a special focus on K-12 education.
    CEO of Global Grid for Learning


Current Service

Schedule Management

The TUDA app provides an integrated management system where you can easily register, check, delete, and modify all class schedules and sync it with your existing personal calendar as well.
  • Register, check, modify, and delete one-time or recurring schedule
  • Register, check, modify, and delete class schedule linked with students' info and align it with your personal schedule
  • Show holidays and weather

Student Management

My students' general info (parent / school / grade / address / phone / e-mail, etc.) and class info (subject / textbook / grade / memo, etc.) can be easily managed.
  • Register, check, modify, and delete general info of students/parents
  • Attendance textbook, class fees, class start/finish management
  • Check history of sent/received SMS between teachers/students/parents

Class management

Easily manage history of SMS sent to parents, history of class evaluation, homework completion, textbook selection, memo, etc., and tuition info.
  • Check, modify, and delete students' daily class evaluation, homework, textbook, etc.
  • Send SMS to parent on class evaluation and history management
  • Register, check, modify, and delete tuition info
  • Tuition payment possible via the TUDA app for personal tutors (scheduled)


Provides a real-time communication lounge for teachers only where they can talk about teaching know-how, share curriculum, textbook info, issues with class management, etc.
  • Bulletin board with familiar real-time messenger UI
  • Send, check (zoom in/out), delete, and download image
  • Various categories (problem solving, info sharing, fun chatting, and more)
  • Easy ID touch info check and real-time alert when a post is written

Job Market

Provides self-promotion area where teachers can recommend and introduce tutoring/private institution jobs to each other.
  • Curriculum introduction and job info sharing
  • Curriculum introduction, available location, time and other information

Easy-to-use UI

TUDA not only provides class management but also various easy-to-use features
  • Simple registration function using point button at all menus
  • Real-time messenger "TUDA Talk" with fresh design
  • Personal memo function you can use anywhere and at any time
  • Today's weather feature
  • My personal theme feature
  • Tutor class alarm function (student info, weather info, traffic info, and function to select means of transportation) (TBD)


  • Q. How will I receive my TUDA tokens?

    A. At a set date in the future after our team has undergone all of the KYC procedures, the TUDA team will send the TUDA tokens (ERC-20 compliant) to the ethereum address that were used to send the ETH to our ICO address.

  • Q. How can we contact you?

    A. You can contact us via email. Our email address is contact@tutorsdiary.com. Also, we have an official Telegram and Twitter account. All others at the moment are not official and owned by other parties that are not our own.

  • Q. Where is TUDA located?

    A. TUDA is currently incorporated in Bermuda.

  • Q. Can we use fiat money for the private/crowd sale?

    A. No. We will accept only Ethereum (ETH) payment methods. You can use fiat money to buy ETH on most cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Q. Who is restricted form participating in the token sale?

    A. Citizens and residents of Algeria, Morocco, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, Bolivia, Bangladesh and Mainland China are restricted and will not be allowed to participate in our token sale.

    United States of America:
    Only accredited U.S. investors may contribute. Sale in the U.S. to accredited investors is carried out under Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933. Transfer of tokens sold under Regulation D will be restricted for a 1 year period in accordance with aforesaid regulations. You will receive your purchased tokens automatically, after transaction is complete. All persons are allowed to participate in the referral program and purchase tokens for commercial purposes to be used on the platform once the platform is fully functional.

  • Q. Whitch cryptocurrency wallet should I use for the token sale?

    A. You will need and ETH wallet that supports ERC20 tokens, such as MyEtherWallet. We do not recommend using ETH ddresses given to you via exchanges. as these ETH addresses are owned by the exchanges (private keys are owned by the exchanges). DO NOT send your funds before the start to token sale, they will be rejected.


Reach out to us!

If you have any questions regarding the TUDA platform, please email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can!